Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Der Bürgerkrieg in Deutschland

1917 - 2017
Russian Revolutions

For a National Front in Germany...!!!

AfD's Radical Bourgeois not radical, not Socialist, enough to mobilise 30% of the electorate that refuse to vote...!!!

Mobilisation of Working Class against immigrationism and treason only solution for the liberation of Germany...!!! 

Working Class not represented yet...!!!

Death to traitors, freedom for Germany...!!!

Minimally organised Working Class takes destiny and history on its own hands...!!!

International oligarchy in panic...!!!

America in revolt...!!!

American Working Class starts liberation of the World...!!!

Immigrationist Nazis and their cowardly and moronic stooges and lackeys in rude awakening...!!!

Zu den Waffen selbst...!!!
¡Caciques al GULAG!
Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt euch!
¡Reciprocidad! ¡Repatriación! ¡Revolución!