Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Hitler's Love Camp

1917 - 2017
Russian Revolutions

Love Camp Germanistan

Zero Cost Labour

Peace... War by other means...!!!

Germany... War by other means...!!!

'German' Immigrationist Bandits in new anti-semitic bout...!!!

Ebert's Foreign Secretary tries to humiliate Israel...!!!

Immigrare ...!!!

Nazi Germany and Immigration 

Terrorised by an incipient Working Class reaction against mass scab immigration, disguised under a perverted, anti-democratic and anti-constitutional 'legality' and false refugee alibis, the rotten and criminal oligarchies intensify their propaganda and lies in their Lügenpresse by their slavish 'intellectuals' (universicarios). 

Amongst the most common accusations thrown against those who refuse to submit to slavery, are that of being Nazis, racists and, in short, the very personification of Hitler himself. The truth is much more sinister, as could be expected from these satanic exploiters. 

Nazi Germany was, and still is in the form of a reincarnated IV Reich, one of the purest, biggest and most brutal immigrationist entities in the history of mankind. Not only millions upon millions of prisoners of war were imported, that is, forced to migrate, as slave workers to labour till their deaths, in the productive machinery of the III Reich, but millions more were imported from 'friendly' countries and allied populations in a more 'humanised' process. What is more, the famous Concentration Camps or Love Camps and ghettos of the Nazi regime, were nothing else but immigration saturated areas and 'Molenbeeks', where inmates, or refugees as they like to call them now, were subjected to a especial kind of exploitation in search of the Nazi Holy Grail of Zero Cost Labour...!!!

In the short period of the Second World War, it is calculated that more than 20% of the workforce in Germany was composed of immigrants and immigrant slaves... percentages very similar to the ones so secretly kept by the exploiters of today for America and Western Europe. The Hitler comparison and Nazi disqualifications against today's Working Class resistance is, indeed, a bad 'distraction', aka a big, very big... lie...!!!

International oligarchy in panic...!!!

America in revolt...!!!

American Working Class to start liberation of the World...!!!

Immigrationist Nazis and their cowardly and moronic stooges and lackeys in rude awakening...!!!

Zu den Waffen selbst...!!!
¡Caciques al GULAG!
Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt euch!
¡Reciprocidad! ¡Repatriación! ¡Revolución!