Monday, 22 May 2017

De Bello Britannico

1917 - 2017
Russian Revolutions

Ordo Inverso Brexit Britain

After throwing the country to the Thatcherite dogs wealthy pensioners rebel against Tory 'Dementia Tax'...!!!

Capital depends on Labour...!!!

Private Property Hooked on Public Property...!!!

Pensioner Class 'successfully' defend private property accumulation linked to public subsidies...!!!

Radical Tories defeated by wealthy pensioners' rebellion against 'Dementia Tax'...!!!

Massive electoral weight of wealthy pensioners tells in battle for property and public subsidies...!!!

Zu den Waffen selbst...!!!
¡Caciques al GULAG!
Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt euch!
¡Reciprocidad! ¡Repatriación! ¡Revolución!